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Better Rehabilitation Outcomes with Virtual Care

How can we create better patient for physical rehabilitation clients? Imagine if you didn't need to wait for your in-person visit to discover they've been missing out on a key stretch or exercise? These are

Virtual Rehabilitation for your Patients

The Covid-19 pandemic had severe impacts on all of us creating increased voids of loneliness. Especially with physical rehabilitation patients as some are unable to visit clinics in person for their long term care. Increased cases for physical rehabilitation conditions are on the rise due to Covid-19 patients requiring long stays in ICU’s and hospitals without much movement. This in return created a new challenge for physiotherapists and other physical rehabilitation specialists. Health care institutions are actively leveraging telemedicine as a long term solution to connecting with patients while addressing new social distancing realities caused by the global pandemic.

Virtual physiotherapy, or digital-rehabilitation, involves using voice or video calls to provide physiotherapy and rehabilitation services remotely. Whether you have barriers that make it difficult to leave your home or simply can’t due to pandemic restrictions, you can connect with experienced physiotherapists from anywhere. Digital physiotherapy is an alternative to the usual face-to-face treatments, as the case with most healthcare appointments heading into the virtual world. The importance of movement during recovery can't be undervalued, according to Amy Ellis, a physiotherapist in British Columbia, “There’s a big spectrum of patients, and not all will need the same type of rehabilitation, but COVID-19 has fostered innovation in the field.” Such innovations include virtual therapy sessions and in severe cases where patients are exposed to Covid-19, getting patients out of bed while they’re still on a ventilator through semi-virtual rehabilitation practices. 

InstaCare is a virtual platform which enables physiotherapists, coaches, trainers and other sports professionals to offer better follow-up, monitoring and keep up to date with a patient's progress. It also allows them to connect with clients in real-time for recovery & training, watch their exercise form, showcase proper movement, and correct issues on the spot. In addition, full training sessions and assessments can be easily facilitated from the client's home with ease. The platform also has features to set goals in collaboration with clients in order to monitor progress. Instacare gives an opportunity to those who can’t leave their houses or are at high-risk of Covid-19 complications. 

Ease of conducting more frequent voice or video treatment sessions, and between-treatment appointments, solves concerns of long wait times. If you are interested in implementing virtual rehabilitation systems and services for your patients, see how InstaCare can be used for physician clinics at InstaCare | Physical Health ( InstaCare is not only available for physiotherapists, but also for Orthopedic surgeons, Massage therapists, and Trainers. It is a diverse and multifunctional platform that can be customized to suit your clinic's needs as the dynamic and efficient clinician interface allows you to perform essential clinical tasks during live sessions as needed. 

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