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How InstaCare Works

Seamless clinician experience, maximized patient engagement, and reduced administrative costs form the three cornerstones of our designs. From subscription-based, off-the-shelf, plug-and-play options for small and mid-sized clinics to large institutional customizations, InstaCare is the industry-leading choice. 

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Intuitive Interface

Feature-rich with the latest in health technology, InstaCare is a complete enterprise solution with a comprehensive array of features and modules to support health clinics and organizations including: scheduling, dynamic video & voice consults, in system chat, prescribing, clinical charting, referral/lab/e-form modules, personalized patient patient portals, patient engagement and recruitment tools, productivity hacks and many other features.

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Patient Engagement

Positive health outcomes and patient recruitment / retention are fundamental drivers of a busy, productive and successful practice.

InstaCare's patient portal encourages positive health habits, active health trending and a personalized profile all designed to maximize usage and engagement. Patients can schedule, communicate and collaborate with their care team and clinic. Automation of follow ups, reminders, scheduled touch points and innovative features will enhance patience engagement.

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Clinic Analytics

Easy access to key clinic performance metrics help management and rapidly identify clear opportunities to optimize clinic operations and efficiencies. Complete, clear and concise data empowers you to make informed decisions.

Our administration dashboard and reporting interface offers quick access to critical practice indicators.

Enterprise solutions

InstaCare offers large institutional customizations with legacy system integration to help optimize your operations and streamline care. Modern interface- easy to use for clinicians and patients. 

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Configured For You

Our powerful platform is built to integrate seamlessly into your organization. Select a configuration with features best optimized for your unique needs.


Your Brand

Use our technology to build your brand and offer a world class health experience for your clients, patients and providers. Full control over your brand and identity.


Your Partner

From day one of our consultative discovery process to learn about your organization, to ongoing support and commitment to excellence, our team is always there for you.


Secure and Safe

Healthcare privacy, security and trust are of paramount importance. Our technology is HIPAA, PHI, PIPEDA and CASL compliant. Our platform is accessible on all devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the data stored in Canada?


Yes, InstaCare's data is all stored in Canada with end-to-end encryption

Is InstaCare practice management system web-based?


Yes, our cloud-based application ensures accessibility for all users is fast, easy and secure. Our technology can be used with minimal bandwidth on any smart device (phone, tablet and desktop/laptop computers).

How does InstaCare protect patient privacy?


At InstaCare we take health privacy seriously. We have established security best practices throughout our virtual platform. We meet and exceed requirements in North America and Internationally.

Your team’s success is our goal.

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